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AUG 3 & 4  -  BELL COUNTY EXPO CENTER  -  10 AM to 6 PM




1. Shoes are required at all times while in the public areas of the convention center. Even if a cosplay character goes barefoot, the cosplayer must wear shoes.

2. Costumes and daily wear shall not expose the body in such a way as to be deemed indecent exposure. At minimum they must cover same areas as a full-coverage bikini for women and boxer shorts for men.

3. All costumes worn within the convention center must fit through a standard doorway. Any attendee wearing a bulky costume, or one with poor visibility, should have a handler available to escort him/her. In addition, please ensure any bulky costume is properly ventilated to prevent heat stroke.

4. No costume or prop may generate odor, smoke, or fog.

5. Inappropriate conduct with any camera (video or photo) will be grounds for removal of convention privileges, up to and including revocation without a refund.

6. If you want to take a photo of a cosplayer, you must ask first. Most will be happy to oblige and pose fiercely.

7. These rules may be modified as needed to help protect the safety of all attendees.


1. Inspections: Be prepared to have your cosplay weapon inspected by convention staff upon entry. This is to ensure that it adheres to the event's rules and safety standards.

2. Peace-bonding: All cosplay props/weapons are required to be non-working and "peace-bonded." This means that the weapon must be visibly marked in a way that shows it has been inspected and approved by convention staff. Any violation of a peace-bond will result in an immediate loss of prop privileges.


3. No real weapons: It should go without saying, but real weapons are never allowed at conventions. This includes firearms, metal weapons, wooden staffs or nunchucks, sharp objects, and anything that could potentially cause harm.

4. Orange safety tip: All firearm replica cosplay weapons should have a painted orange tip to further indicate that they are non-functional props.

5. No Projectile Weapons or Projectiles: Any weapon that CAN fire a projectile is prohibited. This rule is in place to avoid accidents and injuries. In addition, no projectiles, bullets, or projectile magazines are allowed into the convention, even if stored separately from your cosplay prop weapon. 


6. Blunt and non-sharp: Cosplay weapons should be blunt and non-sharp. Even if a weapon is made of foam or plastic, sharp edges or points can still be dangerous in a crowded convention space. Metal Weapons, Real swords, bats, etc. are not allowed.  A safer material substitute (foam or plastic) is an alternate option.


7. Carrying guidelines: Cosplay weapons should be carried safely when you are not actively posing for photos or participating in events. This means keeping the weapon sheathed, holstered, or slung over your shoulder.


8. No swinging or brandishing: For safety reasons, swinging or brandishing cosplay weapons in a way that could harm others or create a hazardous situation is prohibited. Attendees will not brandish, point, flail, play-fight, run with, or use their prop in any kind of threatening manner.


9. Compliance with local laws: Cosplayers should also be aware of and comply with local laws and regulations regarding the possession and display of imitation weapons.


10. If security deems a prop dangerous or harmful it will not be allowed. This will be decided on a case by case basis.

Remember, the main goal of these rules is to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all convention attendees. If you're unsure about whether your cosplay prop or prop weapon complies with the event's rules, don't hesitate to reach out to the convention organizers for clarification before attending (

Most importantly…
A. Have fun.
B. Don’t be a jerk.


What about vendors who sell swords or weapons?

A:  Vendors who sell items such as swords are required to hold it at their booth until you are ready to exit the convention. They may then give you the item in a safe manner, such as a sealed box or peace-bonded. If you purchase this item and open it or removed the peace-bond within the convention, you will be asked to leave, your badge will be confiscated, and no refund will be issued.


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